Preschool Readers and Writers/Bill Martin

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Summary – Preschool Readers and Writers
This book is very helpful and contains all kinds of ideas to get children to start reading and writing. It talks about how we need to incorporate reading in all aspects of learning. It talks about how to handle the child that is disruptive when you are reading to a large group by reading to him or her at other times when it’s just the two of you and encourage parent reading at home. This book also gives you different ideas on what to read to preschool children. For example; books that have rhyme and alliteration, predictable books, books that have easily remembered lines or phrases, books that encourage the children to participate through verbal or physical, wordless books, big books, and alphabet books. This book also tells you different reasons it is important to read to children and what they get out of it. In this book you will find all sorts of ways to incorporate reading whether it is by using puppets and making stories up, having children draw a story and then retelling it to you, you starting a story and letting the children make up the ending, the possibilities are just an imagination away. I recommend this book to anyone that needs some different ideas or ways to incorporate reading and/or writing in their classroom or even if you want ideas for your children at home. I really got a lot from this read. -I plan to use all the information that I received out of this book by incorporating many ideas in the classroom. I thought about having a story time where the children pick the book out (or make it themselves) and read it to the class. They can use any props (puppets, felt boards, a toy from home) that may help them tell the story. -I could not find any other sources for this author anywhere. I looked in the library database, the internet, and the book jacket.

Summary – Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
This is a great pattern book that has a cumulative plot that preschool...
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