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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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My name is Lillie Loretta Johnson I was born and rise in Miami Florida. I was born May 22 1970. I am 42 year-old and I am African American female who is a single Mother of a 9 year old son. I have work as Child-care provide for 4 years. I fishing High in the year of 1990 at Miami Center SR High School and I attend Miami-Dade College in year 1996 and drop out and start working for Publix food Market for 5 years as a Cashiers’ and a Food Service and also I work at the V.A Hospital Cafeteria for one year as a Cashier. I also work as a Preschool Teacher for 4 years and I find myself what I love the most is working with children’s and I learn that I am very good at working with children’s.

I have my 40 hours in child care training and I have 60 hour online in service hour as I work as part time in a Day Care Center for 2years. I was lain off from my position because do not have my CDA, and it had been 4 years now since I have not worked in a preschool... Now I staring school at Lindsey Hopkins Technical in Early Child Hood Education for my CDA. For I can get back to work, this influenced me to have a Career in early childhood Education. To work with children’s in preschool.

After me fishing with Lindsey Hopkins with my CDA I plan to work for YWCA OR YMC PRESCHOOL. My goals are to work with Miami Dade Preschool Lab and content my education with Miami Dade College for my AA in Early childhood education.

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