Preschool Activities: Numbers

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  • Published : April 22, 2008
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Lesson Information

Grade Level: Preschool
Curriculum: Math
Number of Children: 3
Ages of Children: 3-5
Time of Day: Early morning
Duration: 15- 20 minutes

Concept/Skill Motivator/Rationale: To show that numbers are used to count any item. The skill to achieve is to be able to count 2 sets of number and be able to add them together. The concept will show the students that counting numbers have a sequential order.

1.)Explain the rules of the activity and ask if there are any questions before beginning. 2.)The teacher will lay out the flower mats and butterflies. 3.)The student will roll the die and put that many butterflies on one of the mats. The student will roll again and put than many butterflies on the other mat. 4.)The student will then count the butterflies in all.

State Goals: STATE GOAL 6: Demonstrate and apply a knowledge and sense of numbers, including numeration and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), patterns, ratios and proportions. Learning Standard A:

Demonstrate knowledge and use of numbers and their representations in a broad range of theoretical and practical settings.
6.A.ECa: Use concepts that include number recognition,
counting and one-to-one correspondence.
6.A.ECb: Count with understanding and recognize
“how many” in sets of objects.

Behavioral Objectives: Knowledge: The student will be able to count the dots on the die upon rolling it on the desk. Comprehension: The student will be able to add the number of butterflies on each mat. The student will be able to add the butterflies correctly 2 out 3 times. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Cognitive Domain/Knowledge and Comprehension Levels

Prompt/Motivator: After the teacher does a demonstration of the activity, she will then have each student perform the activity

Materials: 1.) 20 plastic butterflies
2.) 2 chipboard flower mats
3.) 1 foam...
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