Prerequisites for Marketing

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Prerequisites for Marketing
Aaron Levy
BUS 532 Health Care Marketing
May 13, 2013

In order for any organization or company to successfully market their product there are certain prerequisites that must be met. The first thing needed, is for there to be at least two parties that have a certain need which is not being met. It could be Senior that needs some daily social outlet; and an Adult Day Care that is looking to offer seniors a social outlet, included in this prerequisite there must clearly be an exchange transpiring between the two parties; The Adult Day Care will offer the senior a social outlet in exchange for a reimbursement from the seniors Insurance. The second prerequisite obviously is for one party to have the desire, or the means to fulfill the other parties needs. Last but not least there needs to be some sort of communication between the two parties, where each one learns of the others existence, and wants. A politician running for Governor must find out what the people that live in the state he is running for want. If the politician feels that the people in the state want marijuana to be legalized then he should run campaign ads saying that he will legalize marijuana. He should speak at college campuses, and hold events at places where there is known to be a high usage of marijuana use. The politicians need is to become Governor; the people’s need is for marijuana to be legalized. The politician will be able to facilitate the peoples need if they facilitate his – voting for him. A consumer that seeks physical therapy, must first make sure he has sufficient funds to pay for his physical therapy. Either from his own private funds, or he has an Insurance that will cover the costs for his physical therapy. Then he must find a rehab center that will offer him the specific physical therapy that he needs. There are several factors that a company needs to look into before choosing health coverage for its employees. The first thing is to see if...
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