Preproduction for Game Designing

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Environment Design for Video Game
Environment design for a level of a Video Game (standalone / playable). A brief research for organising and planning preproduction stage for designing the Game Environment or Level.

Research By, Ritesh Kumar Fashion Communication Semester - V National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

//Research Topic//
Environment Design for a stand-alone or a playable level of a Video Game.

//Objectives of the Research//
The aim or objective of the research is as follows:To understand about various elements of designing an environment for a video game. To know about various problems which usually occur while designing an environment? To plan a pre-production blueprint for designing the game environment or level. To organise a flowchart this could help step by step how to convert ideas to a virtual environment. To unlock for next level of research.

//Game Industry//
 A report from IbisWorld, a market research firm that keeps a close eye on recession-inspired business trends, reveals one product as surprisingly recession-proof: video games. IbisWorld analysis shows revenue from the gaming industry appears set to reach $41.9 billion in the year 2008, drastically up from 2004's totals of $27.2 billion. Last year in 2010 the revenue generated from this company was $67 billion whereas this year its being forecasted that the revenue may peak at $82 billion.

//Background Research//
Problems while designing a game environment or level “Computer Scientists have an official definition of a problem that is “Hard”. Some problems, regardless of your intelligence, the computing power you have, or the algorithms you can come up with, are mathematically Harder than other problems. They are fundamentally different in nature from simpler problems. In Hard Problems the solution, even though no one knows what the solution is yet, can already be predicted to be very complicated and costly. ”

– According to

Game Designers also often run into such situation which can be called as a Hard Design Problems. These problems seem to come up with some regularity, they share similar attributes each time, and they’re scary. Example: 

 

When designing a feature, level, or part of our game, we realize the design we were planning won’t work out as we had imagined. At all. Every design answer that we can immediately think of as a response won’t work. We realize that either no one has done this in games before, or people have tried and it turned out to be a poor game experience. At first, we have no idea how to proceed. We are out of ideas, and the few ideas that we do have seem to all be bad ones or disqualify themselves in some other way.

Hard Design Problems are scary for a designer. We break out into a sweat, fearing that we have already tumbled past the point of no return and our only solution will be to either deliver a sub-par game experience or scrap the whole project. Our mind starts racing, questioning your design judgement. We think “There has to be something we are missing,” but again after two or three hours of re-planning, we are still unable to make any progress. Instead, those hours have only served to help us truly understand how deep into trouble we are.

Most often the problem I face during designing environments or levels is not planning a proper design of the preproduction blueprint for the level or the environment. According to my personal experience the hard design problems which i usually face was whenI used to rush into creating a game environment as soon as i had an idea. I didn’t plan, research or collect photo references. When I had an idea, I would jump inside the level editor or a 3d application and began creating. For a few hours it was fun. Idea would begin to take shape and become real. But then the entire project would collapse.

When I would encounter such problem, I could hardly make any decision. I had no...
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