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English oral exam
Preparation kit

Gentofte Studenterkursus

Oral English exam – Recipe ;)

Fiction – novel, short-stories, and poems something made up, but can be based on reality.
Non-fiction – an article, non-fiction short story something from real life!

1. Present your text: Author, genre, title, and year.
2. Brief introduction/summary briefly about characters + (setting). 3. Characters – main character/protagonist (Round character, if he or she changes) = Minor / subordinate characters, antagonist (Flat character, an “enemy”) 4. Setting time, place and social class.

5. Themes: What is the story/about? Major themes and subthemes 6. Point of view: The main character exposed, get access to thoughts and feelings. 7. Beginning/ending: Compare the beginning and the end. How do we get from A to B. Ending open ending? The reader makes up the rest/starts guessing = Beginning in medias res – in the middle of the race. 8. Title: Interpret the title a fitting title? an alternate title. 9. Message:

10. Evaluate:

1. Present the text: title, author, genre, year topic/theme 2. Sender - newspaper, magazine - message/topic Receiver – possible reader (age, social class, etc.) 3. Summarize briefly:

4. Major points/facts: Statistics and data
5. People:
6. Intentions: To inform, entertain, convince, persuade… 7. Structure: Beginning/introduction Count paragraphs headlines – Ending/conclusion 8. Language: Academic = intellectual language etc.

9. Evaluation: Did I lose interest/focus? Was it interesting all the way why, why not? Was it written for me or another audience?

1. The Body
A) “A Bacon burger for fatso here and hold the lawsuits” by Judy Holland (2004) non-fiction

B) “They’re not your husband” by Raymond Carver (1976) fiction The short story is about the controlling husband Earl Ober and his wife Doreen. Doreen works night shifts as a waitress, while Earl is in between jobs. When two men enter the coffee shop and begin talking about Doreen’s weight, Earl overhears their conversation and their remarks about Doreen he is extremely embarrassed. He forces Doreen to go on a strict diet and lose the weight. After she has lost the weight she her appearance changes completely and she is hardly recognized by her friends. Towards the end of the story Earl asks another man what he thinks of Doreen, but the man focuses his attention on the other waitress. He does not find Doreen attractive, but Earl needs immediate approval from the man to say that she looks good. The man never comments on Doreen and Earl doesn’t get what he wants from it.

2. Australia
* Rabbit Proof Fence
* The stolen generation Aborigines Indigenous population (indfødte) Aborigines has been living in Australia for 30,000 years. * Penal colony 1788- 1840 convicts got a one way ticket to Australia due to full prisons in the U.K. brought diseases and the indigenous people died. * Gold rush Moved to Australia to dig gold.

* Ayers Rock Large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia. * Opera House Danish architect – Utzon.
* Australia is the oldest continent in the world.
* White population Anglo-Australian Capt. Cook discovered Australian in 1770 * Darwin evolution theory.

* Clash of cultures “One of my best friend’s” (Short story) The main character inherited prejudice from Dad Football field a symbol of?? A war – two groups fighting – dirty tricks. Willy gets the main characters trust, to get his revenge Conflict between the white/Anglo-Australian population and the aborigines/indigenous people. Point of view exposes him for who he really is. We get access to his feelings and thoughts.

Australian motto: Don’t worry
A) “One of my...
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