Preperation and Prior Planning

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Preparation and prior planning
I strongly believe that preparation and prior planning are the basics and foundation of good decisions and success. Without preparation there would be no success. In sports, teams practice 5-6 times a week before there next game making sure they are in the best shape they can possibly be. Running their routes over and over again creating muscle memory, and fluidity. Prior planning is also very important. Without proper prior planning, there would be no success. We have a saying in the United States Marine Corps; Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Also known as the 6’s. To give a few examples of prior planning would be; thinking up a gear list for your junior marines for an up and coming field op. This lets them know everything they might need not only to survive but to stay warm and sometimes even comfortable. Marines are held to the highest of standards and are expected to have the highest sense of professionalism and conduct. Second to none. Everywhere United State Marines go they leave themselves enough time to deal with any hiccups they might encounter. Hence the 15 minutes early rule. If your not early…your late. That rule definitely has a good purpose but sometimes it can get out of control. When passing word to your junior Marines you should tell them exactly what time to be there. Do the fifteen minute prior calculation for them and make sure they know to prevent them showing up 15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior. One thing ive always found helpful was pre staging everything I need for the next morning. Every little detail to help me shave time in the mornings, ill leave out my toothbrush and toothpaste, my razor and shaving cream, and even my uniforms so all I have to do is jump into them. Never pass on an opportunity to prepare (train) your marines for future scenarios and situations. Share with them everything you know from stories to past experiences and mistakes made. What went well, what could...
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