Preparing a Case Analysis: Avon Products Inc.

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 1

Preparing a Case Analysis: Avon Products Inc.
Kelly M. Drew
Strayer University
Business Policy
Nelson Torres
January 24, 2012


Assignment 1: Preparing a Case Analysis: Avon Products Inc.
1.Identify the firm’s existing objectives and strategies. Diversity and limitlessness are the factors that stand out in the case study about the Coca-Cola Company. With Coca-Cola being a worldwide company that offers such an array of products, they must hire flexible and diverse employees to support the needs of the still-growing company. The employees’ reviews reaffirmed that by hiring a diverse group of employees and task them with different challenges in different countries, their choice to staff the company in this way has been successful. By working with other unique individuals, they are enlightened by new methods of thinking and working. As the company continues to grow and adapt in the markets they serve, they are forced to be fluid with their products and marketing and react to the current demands. By allowing all employees to have input and offer their ideas and perspectives in all areas, even those outside of their job scope, they then have access to different ways of facing new challenges. This also creates value to the employees that have these suggestions and input because they have contributed to the success of the company and take pride in that and their work. This also affects their length of employment because an employee that feels valued is more likely to stay in that position longer, thus reducing the turnover and recruiting and training costs for the company an furthering their success. 2.Explain one (1) strategy that the company might use to take advantage of an external opportunity, and one (1) strategy that the company might use to address a potential threat.

At each level and location, Coca Cola uses the best combination of diverse individuals to fill the...
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