Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector


Ian McConville

A reflection of my role and responsibilities

my name is Ian McConville and I am a plumbing instructor/ nvq assessor with St Helens technology college and my main role and responsibilities as a teacher are the completion of attendance registers for every session, attending meetings and standardising practice with colleagues, preparing materials and marking coursework, arranging and completing pre assessment plans for nvq students maintaining records of all my students progress throughout the year, regular one to one tutorials/reviews for my students. I have a duty of care with regards to all my students, acting and speaking appropriately whilst in their presence and always maintaining professional values and ethics, Referring learners to other people or agencies when necessary - Guidance advisers, careers/connexions officers, finance & welfare advice. Obtaining feedback and evaluating it to make the correct changes for the learners in the future. It is also good practice to attend promotional events and exhibitions within the industry I teach. All these roles and responsibilities are best summarised up by

Gravels, A (2006, p5) states that:

It’s all about helping someone reach their full potential, whether this is for personal or professional reasons .You can help make a difference to someone’s life and this can be very rewarding

Support and guidance

St Helens College has a varied and committed manifesto with regards to the support and guidance offered to all learners attending the college, The college offers support staff who are available to help the all students with any issues they might have, ranging from connexions, student services, the safeguarding team, any issues the learner may have with coursework, Time Management, Drug and Alcohol awareness, anti bullying support, Motivation, Self-esteem, Goal setting, Sexual health, bereavement, Revision, and Homelessness.

An example of how the support system is working with regards to my own department has been when one of our current learners after the math’s and English initial assessments were carried out our learner was diagnosed through the key skills team with dyslexia the learner was aware of his situation and was appreciative of the approach of the college with regards to address his situation whilst in the learning environment. Amendments were made through liaising between programme managers and instructors, to ensure delivery and content of all coursework will not affect the learning outcomes of the student, classroom power points and handouts will be delivered on colours approved by the student, the font on power points and handouts will be in comic sans and font size will be size 16, depending on the learners learning style, lessons in the classroom and workshop have become more visual auditory and kinesthetic and the use of concrete examples demonstrations and analogy where appropriate, also repeating things in different ways have helped the learner, extra time will be allotted to the learner if agreed and required to complete assignments. There is also the opportunity for the learner if he requires having a reader from the college’s dyslexia team, which will help read exams for him.

Health and Safety at work act (1974)
Health and safety is one of the main legislation acts.
In a workshop environment it is most important to follow these rules all learners must wear the correct PPE (personnel protective equipment) this covers safety boots at all times, overalls, goggles and ear defenders when needed. The importance of the legislation is and what it sets out to achieve is relayed. It is also states that a safe working environment shall be maintained at all times for both the students and staff. Equal Opportunities Policy

This legislation aims to eliminate discrimination in the UK and to treat all people regardless of age, disability, gender...
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