Preparing to Conduct Business Research

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Employment Pages: 6 (2366 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part III

The dilemma facing XYZ Employment is the cost of providing Workman’s Compensation Insurance and the costly nature of its claims. All companies that have employee require this costly, yet necessary standard. It is provided to protect hard working employees in difficult circumstances. While most times it is a legitimate claim, fraud does occur. XYZ would like to eliminate the preventable claims and fraudulent collections. XYZ is making all efforts to reduce this cost by the significant amount of 40% by yearend. XYZ Employment intends to discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of a solution to this outrageous associated cost, through various methods of research. This will include compiling specific research questions, hypothesized issues and their causes, XYZ’s specific plan for research, variables to consider and action plans as a result. Management has hypothesized that by changing various methods utilized within the company today it will have significant changes in safety, therefore preventing accidents and claims. Other hypothesized issues may be poor housekeeping, mental distractions, not having proper training manuals, ignoring safety procedures, or even being over confident. By looking back through previous claims, management can identify the troubled areas and where accidents occur. Once the trends are identified then the appropriate measures can be taken to change them. For example, the first problem identified within the company was the lack of proper procedures being followed by some employees on the job, resulting in either an accident on themselves or a fellow co-worker. This opens the door for more questions such as, are these accidents from a lack of proper training or from shortcuts being taken. The research questions are a very important process in this issue. The research questions state the business objective and are more specific, allowing management to make the decision (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). It is also important that the research is defined correctly because it can be very timely and costly for the company such as the case of XYZ Employment agency whom is looking to decrease cost on worker’s compensation. Below are a few of the research questions to consider. These questions will allow management to determine what can be done. •Should XYZ Employment change the orientation process?

Should XYZ Employment visit each client on a daily basis? •Should each new employee provide restriction information before taking an assignment? •Should assignment jobs be more specifically detailed to employees? •Should clients provide safety process?

Each of these four questions will allow management to begin the research process. The process will consist of breaking down each question individually and researching them. The first two questions allow XYZ Employment Agency to consider making changes. The next two questions involve more from the employee’s side of this dilemma. Finally, the last question is getting more safety information from the client, which includes any company safety programs, training and so forth. All of these questions should allow management to come up with an effective cost preventative program. There are variables to consider when doing this research: loss of work time when someone is injured, the cost of replacing that employee as well as covering them on the compensation laws and lost profitability because of the excess of accidents. As defined above with the proper research questions we can identify each of these variables and their conclusions. With the first variable, loss of work time, we are looking at a job not being completed according to the contracted time that XYZ Employment has set forth for the client. With proper training and specific task assignment one can assist in allowing the job to be complete as well and as safely as contracted and allowed. With the second variable, we look at the excess cost...
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