Preparing to Buy a Used Car

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  • Published : March 19, 2008
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Buying a car can be a traumatic and financially draining experience, being prepared can save you money and get you a better car. There are steps you can take to reduce your out of pocket expenses and ensure you get reliable transportation. Be prepared for the salesman, pay attention to what the car has to say, and bring help. Getting the most out of your hard earned dollars is the name of the game. First and foremost, be prepared. Find the car you want, and research it. Print the blue book values. There are three prices to be concerned about; retail, wholesale, and trade-in. Have them all for the car you want. Now that you know the value, it is time to set your price. Write down the highest price you are willing to pay for your new car. The retail price should be your starting price. Check the national recall database. Anything on the report is repaired free at the local dealership. Absolutely never tell the salesman you have this information. It may seem unfair but a salesman isn't going to look for recalls and is more willing to reduce the price than fix a broken part. Information is power. Consider getting a Carfax report. If it's been in an accident, you can get substantial discounts off the asking price, whether it has been repaired or not. If the car is clean, a good car dealer will give you a report for free. If there is something to hide, they will tell you they don't provide Carfax reports. Always remember, the only time a salesman is lying to you, is when his mouth is open. Absolutely never talk to a salesman alone. Always use a negotiator. Find someone who doesn't care if you have a car. Someone you trust and is not a pushover. Before you go to the lot, develop a game plan and stick to it. Let him do all your talking. Let him be objective about the car and follow his advice on whether or not to buy the car. Although the final decision is yours to make, don't go against your negotiator or you may pay for it later. This...
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