Preparing for the BMAT

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Preparing for the BMAT (biomedical admissions test)
The biomedical admissions test was created to assist medical and veterinary schools in the admissions process. Some of the universities have much more applications than places and the majority of these applications are strong. The BMAT allows the universities to filter out the strongest candidates based on exam performance. The BMAT exam lasts for 2 hours and is split into 3 sections. The examination test date is 31st October 2008. This article will aim to provide you with some advice and give an overview to students who are planning on taking the BMAT exam. • aptitude and skills (1 hour)

• scientific knowledge and application (30 minutes)
• writing task (30 minutes)
The universities which currently require you to take the BMAT are: • The university of Cambridge
• The university of Oxford
• Imperial college London
• The royal veterinary college
• University of central London
Aptitude and Skills
This section aims to explore your problem solving skills, your ability to understand and interpret data and your analytical skills. It is multiple choice for the most. This is the main reason as to why you should guess intelligently, take a look at the given data and take a guess. Practice is key in this section. For the problem solving element of this section look at all the given data carefully. Here are some techniques to help you. • Divide and conquer technique: Break down any large chunks of data into smaller chunks, making the smaller problems which are easier to solve and then once you have solved them put the data back together and form an answer. • Trial and error: Use different approaches to come to a final conclusion and answer. • Working backwards: start with one of the possible answers and work backwards from it. • Incubation: This is a last resort method which seldom works. Put all of the starting details relating to a problem in your mind picture...
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