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Preparing for Exams

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Preparing for and Taking Exams

There are many study tips and techniques that can help college students prepare for and take college level exams. The way a college student prepares for an exam is an important role in the grade that is given for that exam. If a college student prepares properly and studies hard, then he/she should be successful when taking an exam. This paper will include tips to help college students prepare for an exam, and tips to help college students while he/she is actually taking the exam. According to Gloe (1999), all college students at some time or another will experience anxiety when having to take an exam. If college students can find a way to lower that anxiety than they will probably do better on the exam. Having good study habits will no doubt help students to feel more confident in the material that is on the exam, and will also help to lower the student’s anxiety level. College students should begin studying for their exams early. According to Gloe (1999), There is no substitute for having the information, and the longer you work with it, the more you will retain” (p. 2). Although many college students probably have different study techniques, being in a quiet comfortable atmosphere can be beneficial to all students that are preparing for an exam. As Gloe (1999) expressed, “a good study environment should be quiet and free of distractions” (p. 3). College students should be able to study while comfortable, however lounging around or trying to study while in bed will probably only lead to students falling asleep. College students should have all the materials they will need while studying and college students should be in an area big enough to lay it all out in an uncluttered manner. College students should be thorough in their studies, and be prepared for whatever may be on the exam. “Your study should be non-selective as this enables a wider choice of questions in an examination” (Elliot, 2006, p. 2). College students...

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