Preparing for and Taking Test

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Preparing For and Taking Test



This paper contains helpful hints and tips on how to prepare and take test. Learning and understanding the material is the most important aspect. Following behind that topic is time management, study habits, and staying confident. How much you study and how much effort you put in, effects the results he/she gets.

When preparing for tests individuals must first have the materials needed to do so. Learning the material is the very first and ultimately the most important step. As some scholars and "great thinkers" of previous times would say, "Concentration is the key." He or she needs a designated area to focus. This area needs to be distraction limited. "Your mind wanders from one thing to another, your worries distract you, and outside distractions take you away." (Study Guides & Strategies, 1996) Most students choose low key, non-crowded areas such as private rooms in libraries, personal bedrooms, and even outside on their porches. Also, it is healthy for an individual to take small incremental breaks. Studying for long periods of time can become overwhelming to someone; therefore, the test material cannot be absorbed perhaps as well as it could. The steps that follow are continuation for the preparation of the test and the actual test and/or examination itself. These consist of the following: time management, thinking critically, memorization, studying habits, and confidence.

As one prepares to begin the actual process of studying, there has to be an order to it. Give yourself plenty of time in advance."Don't wait until the last minute to cram before a test." (Schweitzer) This sets an individual up for stress and possible failure. Procrastination is the worst thing that someone preparing for a test or exam can do. The studying process is...
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