Preparing for and Taking Exams

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Preparing For and Taking Exams

Deonte T. Singleton (4148408)

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Preparing for and taking exams

When taking exams, preparation is the key to doing well on an exam. Taking exams test the knowledge of information one has learned. In Work and Family life (2007), it is expressed that, “it is not any one person’s responsibility to show a student how to study” (p.8). It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to develop study habits. In order to obtain success, the student must create and prefect study habits. Allowing time to set a study plan, study, and reflect on the post exam experiences, improves success of current and future exams. Study Habits

Study habits are continuously developed as one ages. Study habits start as soon as a person’s learning ability matures. Study habits are achieved through learning experiences. At a young age, study habits are experiments and as one grows older, one is able to determine what experiences work or do not work to accomplish the task at hand. Good and bad study habits are determined by how one is comfortable with doing certain things to complete tasks. Everyone’s way of doing things are not the same. For example, one person may like to listen to music during studying, while another person may like silence. A good study habit is what makes one comfortable during studying and allows that person to concentrate on their studying. Being in an uncomfortable position would make it difficult to learn and grasp information. Bad study habits are habits that keep the student from focusing on studying or decrease the ability to learn information. Bad study habits vary amongst students. A bad study habit that most students may have in common is studying at the last minute. Studying the day before an exam may not always be sufficient time to take in all the information needed to obtain a high grade. The student most set aside enough time to grasp the information. Prior to taking the exam

In preparation for the exam, the most important time would be before the exam. One should go over their work/school schedule, make a studying plan, and allow themselves time to execute studying. In a guide by Tracy (2006), he states, “planning offers your mind the chance to employ itself right from the beginning”. Planning plays an important part for success on an exam. Future projects will benefit from proper technique developed and used from this time. Laying out a set schedule is very helpful in the process of preparing for an exam. A set schedule allows a proper pace to study and helps maintain focus. Having a schedule helps organize everyday life for a person. It’s important that everyday task in one’s life stays in order as well as not affect others. Thinking about and gathering all the important pieces needed to study like a place to study in peace or material needed to study helps developing a plan. Developing a good plan that dedicates time to several topics that an exam covers will be effective. This way, all the information will not confuse the student. Come time of the exam, the student will be well prepared. Dedicated time to study is always difficult for most people. This may be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in one’s plan. Time may be set aside to study but things in life always happen and my change one’s plan. Author Rozakis (2002), “learning time management skills is a matter of setting priorities” (p. 242). Although other projects may be one’s priority, one must be flexible with having time to study to have good results on their exam. One must make time out of their day. Exam Day

On the day of the exam, the student must make sure they are ready for the exam on a physical and mental level. Having enough time for sleep will help the student concentrate. The writer Jarmon (2009) states, “a regular sleep schedule of at least 8 hours and nutritious meals can increase brain power”...
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