Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama: Back to School Event

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama: Back to School Event

Everyone says that education is the most important thing. Every country wants to have the best schools to have the best society in the future and every Prime Minister or President of a country wants to make that happen. They talk about how important education is and they put a lot of money into making it the best. But to tell children and youngsters that they need to focus on their education can be difficult for them to understand. Children would rather run out and play with each other than they would be straight-A students in an age of 6 or seven years old. There will be plenty of time to be serious when they grow older, but President Barack Obama seems to have other plans for “his” school children. So Obama prepared a speech for all school children and youngsters in America, a speech which he held in Virginia September 8, 2009. First of all Barack Obama is known for his excellent way of giving a speech. He is always very formal and speaks very clearly; he almost doesn’t need his paper. But in this speech he is not as formal as he usually is, given the fact that it is not the same audience he is approaching. With this speech he is mainly talking to children and youngsters and he gets to be more relaxed. It is shown by the first sentence “Hello everyone – how’s everybody doing?” He probably wouldn’t say that in a speech about the situation in North Korea for instance. In his speech he repeats himself a lot. He uses the word maybe a lot on page 2 in the fourth paragraph. On page one in the last part he says “I’ve talked…” in every paragraph. And in the very last paragraph of the speech he repeats himself by saying “I expect..” and “you”. “I expect you to get serious [...] I expect you to put your best effort [...] I expect great thing from you.” By repeating himself that much, he makes it clear what he wants to say and he captures his audience in another way. And the main point is that everyone...
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