Prepare for the Lord's Return

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Prepare for the Lord's Return!
5 Days in Heaven and Hell
by Bernada Fernandez
The text you are about to read, is the first part of the testimony of sister Bernarda Fernandez, who was privileged to be taken by Jesus Christ to visit the next world.

As I was not feeling well that morning, my husband refused to leave me on my own and go to work. I told him that I was not alone. After he left, I felt that I was dying. So I decided to phone some of my friends, and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law answered: "Bernarda, God will bless you today, do not be afraid". The same answer came from another brother in Christ that I phoned, but he added: "Bernarda get up from your bed and praise the Lord, cry to Him and glorify Him".

So, in spite of my lack of strength I cried to the Lord saying: "Lord You are my strength, come and help me". I tried to stand up, but my strength left me. My voice could no longer be heard but in my soul I was crying to the Lord to help me since I was dying. Suddenly my room was lit up of a light which looked like a fire. Immediately my fear vanished and I saw angels descending and walking in my room. I could hear them clearly speaking to each other, and suddenly a marvelous being appeared, more marvelous than angels. He was dressed in White with a golden sash. On His chest was written in gold: "FAITHFUL AND TRUE". His face was showing gentleness and Love. Jesus the CHRIST was in front of me, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Blessed be His name!

Jesus approached me, touched my head and told me: "I am Jesus who died for you. Look at these marks in my hands, they are still there for you. I came down from my throne of glory to speak to you; there are many things in your life to put right. You are lazy and quick-tempered. Moreover, I do not want 25% Christian nor 95%, but 100%. If you want to go to heaven, you have to be holy as I myself am holy; I came to take you for a journey". I asked Him: "Lord is it a missionary journey?" He answered "No". Then He took me by my hands and lifted me up, and talked to me with simplicity and Love. He brought me as far as my windows, He looked at the city of New-York and I saw sadness on His face. He wept and said: "My Word is well preached, but people do not listen. The sin of this city has reached My Father".

The city was full of homosexuals; among them were
Politicians. The Lord told me: "It's another Sodom, but
I am alive and the judgments of My Father will soon
fall on this city". Then I knelt before the Lord while
crying and He told me: "Do not be afraid. When
judgment falls on this world, my Church will no
longer be on earth". He then led me again towards my
bed and asked me to phone a brother from my
congregation. He gave me the name of the then brother.
He then asked me to tell him that my spirit would come
out of my body, and that they should not bring my corps
to the hospital or to the any funeral ceremony. Instead,
they should tell my husband to trust the one who is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11: 25). The Lord told me again: "I who give life, I take your spirit but you will come back and tell the peoples to trust me fully. The one who believes in me will never die" (John 11:26). He stretched His hands and I saw that another body came out of me. I was dressed in white and I was shining like the Lord, He told me: "Look! This is the body that Christians who obey my Word will soon have".

I realized that I could go through the walls. The Lord who was holding me by my hand said: "Look"! When I turned, I saw my body without spirit. He explained to me that my physical body was worthless, it was nothing but dust, and that at death it will become dust again, as any physical body. He added that the new body I had was a glorious one which is the spirit He gave to man. I thought He would lead me straight to heaven, but it was not the case. We descended through a tunnel below the earth, and when...
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