Prepare for Midterm Examination

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Topic: Preparing for the Coming Midterm Examination

General Purpose: To inform_______________________ _______________________ Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to prepare for the coming___________ midterm examination._____________________________________ Central Idea: The midterm examination is not too easy, but it is not too hard to get a__ good grade if you prepare it well. _______________________ Method of Organization: Chronological Order________________________________

I. How many days did you spend to prepare before a midterm examination day? Month? Week? or The nigh before the midterm examination day? II. It is all depending on your preparation.
III. From my experience, I will get good score if I have well preparation before taking the exam. But if I don’t, I will quite get not good. IV. So here are the easy ways to help you how to prepare for this coming midterm examination.

(Connectives: Let’s take a look a the first one)

I.You have to be calm and relax
A. It will not help you to pass the exam if you have too much stress and panic.
1. So let’s try to breathe in and out slowly and close you eyes for a moment.

(Connectives: After you feel relax and calm, let’s take a look at organizing your exam schedule)

II. Writing down and organize which subject that must take it first and last. A. Because there are many subject that you need to read it. 1. It is good if you read it at least one time for each subject.

(Connective: When you are already writing down the date of the examination for each subject, then the next step is to look at what kind of subject you have to read it first.)...
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