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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Rachel Cramer
Dr. Murray

The Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead

Could it be true that zombies really exist? If so how and y? The mystery lies with in this article, “The Secrets of Haiti’s Living dead” written by Harvard Magazine. In Haiti “Legend has it that zombies are the living dead, raised from their graves and animated by malevolent voodoo sorcerers, usually for some evil purpose.” With that on your mind so called zombies were spotted in Haiti pursued by a Canadian biologist Wade Davis, on a journey to figure out what is causing these “so called zombies” to “rise from the dead”. Davis believed in no such thing as zombies, so what could be causing such an odd phenomena? He began his journey in search of a drug that could make a human into a zombie without killing the individual in the process. Davis discovered the drug that is capable of giving a human being zombie like quality’s after only a few weeks of being there. Haiti has a culture all of its own and in this culture of theirs it seems there is a wide variety of the inhabitants that are voodoo sorceress. He had created a hypothesis in his mind, Thinking the drug would contain Datura- Which is a plant that grows in Haiti used for putting people down. Davis found out by one of the sorceress the making of the drug and what ingredients reside in it. Proving his hypothesis wrong. The powdered drug consist of toads, sea warms, lizards, tarantulas, human bones and the most important ingredient is a species of dried puffer fish “which contains a powerful poison known to man” –Tetrodotoxin. According to the Harvard article the drug /poison is rubbed in to the victims skin. Within hours he begins to feel nauseated and has difficulty breathing and the body slowly becomes paralyzed; with lips turning blue and purple due to lack of oxygen. The metabolism lowering to such an ungodly level its almost indistinguishable from death. The puffer fish poison was only the beginning of...
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