Prepaid Energy Meter

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interfacing 8051 with gsm and energy meter


Electricity is one of the vital requirement for sustainment of comforts of life. IT should be used very judiciously for its proper utilization. But in our country we have lot of localities where  we have surplus supply for the electricity while many areas do not even have access to it. Our policies of its distribution are also partially responsible for this because we are still not able to correctly estimate our exact requirements and still power theft is prevailing. On the other hand consumers are also not satisfied with the services of power companies. Most of the time they have complaints regarding statistical errors in their monthly bills. Thus we are trying to present an idea towards the minimization of technical errors and to reduce human dependency at the same time. With the help of this project we are aiming to receive the monthly energy consumption from a remote location directly to a centralized office. In this way we can  reduce human efforts needed to record the meter readings which are till now recorded by visiting every home individually. This results in considerable loss of human hours and also provides considerable details regarding the average consumption of a locality so that power supply can be made according to these data. This will help the officials in deciding the specifications of transformers and other instruments required in power transmission. This idea is economically efficient as well because we can get the meter reading at a very low cost. The implementation is done in such a way that a SMS is delivered to the Modem whose reading is to be noted and then that meter replies to the server in the SMS format and it is known that SMS costs are very low. The purpose of this project is to remote monitoring and control of the Domestic Energy meter. This system enables the Electricity Department to read the meter readings regularly without the person visiting each house.

This can be achieved by the use of Microcontroller unit that continuously monitors and records the Energy Meter readings in its permanent (non-volatile) memory location. This system also makes use of a GSM modem for remote monitoring and control of Energy Meter.

The Microcontroller based system continuously records the readings and the live meter reading can be sent to the Electricity department on request. This system also can be used to disconnect the power supply to the house in case of non-payment of electricity bills. A dedicated GSM modem with SIM card is required for each energy meter.

The GSM AMR takes the advantage of available GSM infrastructure nationwide coverage  and the Short Messaging System (SMS) cell broadcasting feature to request and retrieve individual houses and building power consumption reading back to the energy provider wirelessly.

The Store and Forwarding feature of SMS allow reliable meter reading delivery  when GSM signsl is affected by the poor weather conditions. The stored message is archive in the mobile operator and can be later retrieve for billing purposes.

History of Meters:

Over the past years electric energy meters have undergone phenomenal changes and are expected to become even more sophisticated , offering more and more services.

The electromechanical based energy meters are rapidly being replaced by digital energy meters which offer high accuracy and precision. Now the generation of electric energy meters is that of AMRs. Various features offered by AMR are given below:

1)      Higher speed
2)      Improved load profile
3)      Automatic billing invoice
4)      Real time energy cost
5)      Alarm warning
6)      Remote power switches ON/OFF...
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