Prenatal Development Paper

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Prenatal Development


The Prenatal Development process is nothing short of a miracle. The way in which humans grown in the womb is a process that has awed doctors and scientists alike since the beginning of time. Even though through the years the decision process of whether to start a family and the way society looks at families with babies has changed, the prenatal development of a baby has remained the same, and just as remarkable as ever before.

Prenatal Development has been broken down into three stages: First Trimester, Second Trimester, and the Third Trimester. Conception marks the beginning of the First Trimester. The women releases an Ovum from her Ovaries, and within a 24 hour period, the Ovum must be fertilized by the man’s sperm or else it will die. This normally occurs in the Fallopian Tubes. Once this occurs a Zygote is formed. The Zygote’s cells will begin to multiple and create a Blastocyst. The Zygote must now make its journey through the Fallopian Tubes in order to attach itself to the women’s Uterus where it begins to grow remarkable fast. This is normally a 2 week process. Once attached to the body, Structures that feed and protect the developing organism

begin to form-amnion, chorion, yolk sac, placenta, and umbilical cord.
The first 6 weeks of development is called the embryonic stage. During these brief six weeks, the most rapid prenatal changes take place, as the groundwork is laid for all body structures and internal organs. This includes the beginnings of the nervous and circulatory systems-the muscles, internal organs, the heart, spine, eyes, ears, and nose.

The second trimester, or months 4 to 6, marks a remarkable moment for mothers as well. The fetus can now be felt moving around in the womb. The fetus is covered in Vernix, a wax like substance that protects the baby from the amniotic fluid, as well as, tiny white hairs called Lanugo. During this stage sight and hearing also begin to develop....
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