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Topics: Marketing, Focus group, Qualitative research Pages: 8 (2156 words) Published: March 16, 2013
MK 702 Independent Study
Research Proposal:

A Study of consumers’ decision-making process in purchasing premium dog food


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Table of ContentsPage
* Table of Contents1
* Executive Summary2
* Research Background3
* Research Objectives4
* Conceptual Framework5-6
* Research Methodology6
* Respondent Qualification 7
* Limitation of the Study7
* Analysis and deliverable form8
* Timeframe of the Study9
* Sample of in-depth interview question guide10-11
* Sample of focus group discussion guide12-14

Executive Summary
The purpose of the study is to understand consumers’ decision-making process in purchasing premium dog food, especially their selection criteria, buying behavior, source of information, and usage. This information will facilitate management to evaluate and analyze marketing strategy for this segment which is accounted for 25% of 3,500 millions baht of dog food market in Thailand. The research will be conducted in two stages, starting with gathering secondary data about dog food market in Thailand and conducting observation at the retail stores, pet food shop, pet grooming salon, pet hospital in order to explore the brands of dog food that available in the market and see marketing communication at the point of purchase. Then, the descriptive research will be conducted by in-depth interviews and focus groups with dog owners who buy premium dog food for their dog, aged 18-60 years old, in Bangkok area only. The analysis of data and recommendation will be delivered in the written report.

Research Background
Among 18.3 millions household in Thailand, 5.1 millions household currently own a dog as pet, with dog size contribution of small dog 60%, medium dog 23%, and 17% large dog. Dog food market in Thailand has value of 3,500 millions baht in year 2011 with 15% growth rate each year. Within that market, premium dog food segment is accounted for 25% or 875 millions baht and the growth rate is highest in the market, thus, the competition became more intense. There are many brands currently competing in the premium dog food segment, both local brands and imported brands. In order to keep up to date with consumers in the market, managers need to clearly understand consumer insight on their purchasing criteria, purchasing behavior, and usage. Thus, the research is called for.

Research Objectives
1. To illustrate consumers’ relationship with their dog. 2. To understand consumers’ criteria to select dog food for their dog 3. To know consumers’ brand repertoire of premium dog food and their attitude toward each brand. 4. To determine how important of each dog food’s attributes perceived by consumers 5. To explore consumer’s purchasing behavior such as where to go shopping for dog food? How frequently to go shopping for dog food? How much money do they spend per one shopping trip? 6. To understand consumers’ media exposure and receptive information source for purchasing dog food.

Research Framework
This study will apply the concept of Consumer Buying Decision Process to study each stage of consumer behavior involving with premium dog food consumption. Consumer Buying Decision Process model
* Problem Recognition
* Feeding behavior
* Satisfaction on current brand
* Reasons for switching
* Information Search
* Receptive source of information
* Key influencer
* Alternative Evaluation
* Consideration criteria
* Brand repertoire
* Purchase decision
* Purchasing behavior
* Effect of marketing communication at the point of purchase (i.e. Sales promotion, Packaging, Shelf display) * Post-purchase behavior
* Satisfaction
* Brand Loyalty
* Recommendation to others

Research Methodology
The research will be conducted in two stages, which are;
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