Premium Halal Food

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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In my opinion, Brahim’s Holding Bhd’s aim of providing premium Halal Food in the global aviation sector is achievable especially within the Islamic countries. With its strong foothold currently in various F&B operations such as providing in-flight catering services to operating airport restaurants and restaurant franchises to upstream sugar refinery operations, will present many advantages to this company to position itself in the global market. My understanding of “Halal Foods” is foods that are allowed under the Islamic dietary guidelines. When talking about “Halal Food” we will definitely associate it with one of the cultural aspects that is religion. Religion influences business practices and beliefs especially in the Islamic countries. Brahim’s Holding Bhd strategy of global market entry by positioning its product as a Halal Food especially to Islamic countries is extremely relevant and significant. Not many companies are venturing into the ‘Halal’ food & beverage (F&B) industry in the aviation sector. That is why there are quite a number of enquiries from flight kitchens overseas i.e Etihad, Gulf and Qatar Airways received requesting for this type of in-flight kitchen services. Brahim’s Holding Bhd also recently formed a joint venture with the Jordanian government to set up its first overseas factory to manufacture products for the Jordanian military. This is another strategy of global market entry which has been pursued by Brahim’s Holding Bhd through Joint Venture with the Jordanian government. According to Investopedia, a Joint Venture (JV) is the cooperation of two or more individuals or businesses in which each agrees to share profit, loss and control in a specific enterprise. Forming a joint...
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