Premium Bath Fittings in India

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Marketing Assignment (Term 3): Group 2:

Bath Fittings Akhil P, Ameya K, Bhaskar D, Pratyush G, Shashank P

Building Brand Equity

Brand Elements
o Superior build quality (elegant designs, corrosion resistance, longer functional life, and superior finishing) of imported bath fittings as compared to domestic bath fittings. Assured after-sales service for imported bath fittings, via their distributors and partners in India (ex: Italian premium brand Novellini markets its products through Cera Sanityware Ltd). Domestic makers of bath fittings are mostly unorganized in after-sales services. Water conservation (Imported bath fittings use 20% lesser water than domestic bath fittings). Imported bath fittings have the option of being customized to customer’s requirements. Endorsement from best-in-business real estate builders, architects, high-end hotels & luxury services and interior designers Associated with competitions and social causes (ex: Participants of the prestigious Solar Decathlons, usually held in Washington, preferably use bath fittings by Duravit in their constructions)

Managing Brand Equity  Brand Reinforcement
o Concept Bathrooms: Imported bath fittings are prominently displayed in stores as a complete-bath-solution (i.e. a complete bathroom is setup inside the store using imported bath fittings). This style of display enhances the product attractiveness to customers and the customers are inclined to buy the whole solution rather than just the individual product Advanced technology in bath fittings (ex: Sensor technology to control water temperature; Battery-operated towel warmers) Creating limited edition of products to maintain exclusivity (ex: Sterlingham frequently makes a limited set of hand-crafted bath fittings)


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Leveraging secondary associations

Branding Strategy


 

Aimed at medium to high income customers Portrayed as a style statement Corporate name is printed on each product

Integrated Market Communication
    Bath fittings that are imported are focusing in the urban segments. Focused in the niche market. Establish tie-ups with architects, builders & interior designers. Establish relationship with the major hospitals for selling their products.

    Focuses more on the B2B. Share of business of 70% in B2B and 30% to B2C. Few competitors in the niche market of Bath fittings. Major focus in the product substitutability to have stylish and prestigious products.

The Imported Bath fittings advertise as the product that is dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime. They offer a variety of sinks, bathroom faucets and bathroom showering. Bathroom fixtures combine style and perfectly matching the decorating style. Imported bath fittings are dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime.

The Import bath fittings do marketing through the following mediums  Television Networks.  Radio stations.  Fashion Magazine.  Bill boards in the Airports.  Trade Shows in Metropolitan Cities.

Customer Value and Sensitivity to Price
The imported bath fittings are primarily aimed at medium to high-income customers who have loads of disposable cash. In this unconventional form of art, customer has perceived a value that satisfies his/her need as an ego satisfier and/ or as an investment. Hence higher the price, the better an ego satisfier is the product and so is the willingness to pay.

Buyer Characteristics and Pricing Method
Buyers are looking for quality, after-sales support and uniqueness. To tap into these customers, foreign makers of bath fittings make limited editions of specific products. They also maintain a superior build quality while giving leeway for customizing the products as per customer requirements.

Price-Quality Relationship
The traditional price-quality relationship holds good here, where higher...
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