Premier Nutrition Corp.

Topics: Vitamin, Wal-Mart, Nutrition Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Company Name
Premier Nutrition Corp.

Phone: 888-642-9941

Key Products

Premier Protein
Joint Juice (On-The-Go drink
mix, supplement drink, and
easy Shot supplement)

Current Investors:

Major Customers:
JOINT JUICE® supplement drink is available in the vitamin section of Grocery stores, drug stores, club stores, Wal-Mart and Target stores nationally as well as club stores in Mexico and Asia.

Major Partners:

Major Competitors:

Revenue & Profits:
Year| Revenue| Revenue Growth| Net Profits| Net Profit Growth| 2010| | | | |
2011| | | | |
2012| | | | |

Corporate Profile:

Joint Juice, Inc. a leading San Francisco-based joint health beverage company, and legendary quarterback, was founded in 1999. In Oct. 2011, it acquired Premier Nutrition Corp. It serves customers through retail stores in the United States. The company also offers its products online.For over a decade, Premier Nutrition Corp. has been creating convenient, great-tasting, nutrient-rich products to help people do what they love and feel great doing it. The company believes that good nutrition is the fuel for a happy, healthy life.

Key Problems the Company is Solving (customer pain, value-added and market potential)

Key Success Factors in the Market:

Joint Juice invented a product that deliver the nutritional supplement glucosamine 10 years ago, providing a beneficial effect on joint pain. Joint Juice was the only product in the form of beverage on the market. It had an advantage over the solid pills containing glucosamine by integrating fruit flavor to mask the bitter tasting of the key ingredients, as well as over orange juice by providing the function of joint pain relief besides containing energy and daily dose of vitamin C. All these aspects indicated that Joint Juice was a unique product...
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