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By | April 2011
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As a First Year Prehealth Student you should:
● Register with the Health Professions Advising office (HPA). - You’ll be informed of HPA meetings, workshops, deadlines, medical and health related events, other related opportunities, etc. - You’ll be given your personal copy of Words To The Wise (WTTW) ● Read Words to the Wise!! It will familiarize you with important things for prehealth students to keep in mind ●Take two science courses with labs & WRT105 - BIO121 in the fall; BIO123/124 in the spring - CHE106/107 in the fall; CHE116/117 in the spring ● Premedical and predental students in particular should take calculus. - Depending of the results of you placement test, you may be directed into precalculus (MAT 194), which is fine - If you place into statistics (MAT 121) you should discuss this with a prehealth advisor before registering ● Focus on succeeding in your academic coursework. - Develop strong study and time management skills early - Remember, before you can be medical/dental student, you must develop yourself to be a successful undergraduate student; ● Start getting to know your professors, and let them start to get to know you. - Go to every class and lab. Sit up front in class. Ask questions. Go to office hours. - When you apply to medical or other health profession school, you’ll need faculty letters of recommendation, so start getting to know your faculty now – it’s important that they get to know about you and your professional goals. ● Think about getting involved on campus and in the community - Explore student organizations, especially SU’s prehealth clubs. - Attend the student club fairs, club meetings and think about which you’d like to join ● Attend HPA’s fall meeting for first year prehealth students ● Make an advising appointment with one of our prehealth advisors to answer questions

● Pay attention to your academic success - If you find yourself struggling in a course, talk to the professor...

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