Premature Birth

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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Premature Birth
Pregnancy is the fertilization and development of one or more offspring, know as an embryo or fetus in a woman’s uterus. A normal pregnancy should last about 40 weeks. But unfortunately, too many babies are being born too soon. Some premature babies thrive and live healthy lives. Some die. A newborn is classified at birth as premature if born less than 37 weeks. There are several reason of premature births, which include domestic violence-including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, lack of prenatal care, chronic illness, using illegal drugs, lack of social support, high levels of stress, low income, and long working hours with long periods of standing.

One of the main reason or cause of premature birth is domestic violence during pregnancy. Domestic abuse and violence against pregnant women has immediate and lasting effects. Many women who are abused during pregnancy will continue unhealthy habits due to stress, such as smoking, resorting to drug use and improper nutritional habits. It is estimated that about one is five women are abused during pregnancy (Domestic).

Abuse is something that can be avoided during pregnancy which can result of a premature birth. Some partners become abusive during pregnancy because they feel upset because it was an unplanned pregnancy, stressed at the thought of financially supporting a first or another baby, jealous that their attention may shift from the partner to the new baby, or to a new relationship. The first step towards domestic violence including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse can be avoided during pregnancy if the mothers accepts the fact that they are in an abusive relationship. They should start talking to a person they trust, whether it is a friend, loved one, health care provider or other close contact. They can support them mentally and emotionally and give these mothers courage to step up and do something for themselves as well as their child.

Babies that are born prematurely...
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