Premarital Sex Among the Teens of Today

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  • Published: January 6, 2007
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TOPIC: The Effects of Television to the Youth of the New Generation IBackground History of Television
IIChildren Between the Television
A.Reasons Why Children Watch Television
1.Viewing to Learn
2.TV People as Companions
3.Overcoming Boredom
4.Improving on Bad Moods
IIEffects on the Sensory Development to the Youth
C.Sense of Wonder
IIIBad Effects of Watching Television to the Youth
C.TV Influence Aggressive Behaviour
IGood Effects of Watching Television to the Youth
B.TV Encourage Good Behaviour
A.An Excellent Educator
B.Good Form of Entertainment
1.A Source of Enjoyment
2.A Source of Relaxation

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Related literature
IBackground history of television
The development of the television occurred over a number of years, in many countries, and using a wide application of sciences, including electricity, mechanical engineering, electromagnetism, sound technology, and electrochemistry. No single person invented the television; instead, it is a compilation of inventions perfected by fierce competition.

1831 - Joseph Henry's and Michael...
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