Premarital Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Marriage, Human sexuality Pages: 8 (2236 words) Published: February 17, 2013
SEX – “intercourse between a woman & a man”
PREMARITAL – “before marriage”
Premarital sex is sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried or before marriage. Premarital sexuality is any sexual activity with an opposite sex partner or with a same sex partner before he/she has started a married life. The term is usually used to refer the intercourse before the legal age of a marriage. ADDITIONS:

Sexuality is not an instrument of enjoying lustful pleasure for human beings, at least. In premarital sex, many a times, immature human beings explore the sexuality, jut out of curiosity, and might be are unaware of the consequences. Society has forbid premarital sex from the very outlook that adolescence is the time to form oneself as mature and responsible human being and not at all a time to procreate. POINTS/CLASH:

Premarital sex may harm the mental development of adults in several forms. Premarital sexual experiences, many a times, leads to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible. Forced premarital lovemaking because of peer pressure will lead to mental depression. Another danger is possible exchange of diseases; as premarital partners may not be aware of diseases that spread through intercourses. Getting pregnant through premarital sex is another disaster. Emotional imbalances and guilt feeling could be the result of most premarital sexual affairs.


“This is one of the reasons why teens nowadays tend to indulge in activities, such as sex.. in which they shouldn’t do just because they are pressured by their friends or the people around them.”


By Fr. William Saunders
The Catholic Church continues to teach that sexual love between a man and a woman is reserved to marriage. We find this teaching in the creation account of Genesis—Book 1, Chapter 1 of Sacred Scripture: First, God creates man in His own image and likeness, making them male and female (Genesis 1:27). In the next verse, the Bible reads, "God blessed them, saying, ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it’"(Genesis 1:28). Before the man and woman come together as husband and wife, and before they express their love as husband and wife, they are first blessed by God. Only in marriage do we find God’s blessing upon the act of sexual love, or what is better termed, marital love. This physical expression of love in marriage is a sacred sign of a husband and wife’s covenant of love and love that they share in union with God. This marital love signifies the vows freely exchanged between each other and thereby reflects the faithful, permanent, exclusive, and self-giving love they have promised to each other and to God.  What does the Church say about premarital sex or acts of premarital sexuality? -------------------------------------------------

The Church believes that your body is perhaps the most precious physical gift that God has given you. You only have one body and it's yours for life. With that body, you can express love to another person and create human life. So, your body is a gift from God and it will be the most special gift that you can give to another person. The Church believes that a real gift is a gift FOREVER. When you give another person the gift of your body it should be a permanent gift - not a loan or an experiment but a gift and a commitment. When God says, "I love you;" it's forever and so when a man and a woman commit themselves to each other forever, they are a reflection of God's love. Thus, having intercourse before marriage or outside of marriage is going too far, too soon. Sexual intercourse is a way of giving yourself to another person as gift forever. If you love someone that way then I believe that you would want...
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