Prelude to Air to Water

Topics: Truck driver, Mind, Prose poetry Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Florian’s Prelude to air from Water is a set of prose poems presenting characters that seem to grapple in certain moments in time. Through the book, readers are challenged with to interact with some moments that the characters in the book seems to resent, take for granted and at times seems to present much suffering to them. In a way, the book also present to the readers just how irredeemable some moments in life are and as such, the chances to realize these irreversible and beautiful moments tend to be based on the a person’s perspective towards those moments as well as towards other people that one encounters in such moments.

In Prelude to Air from Water, the prose poems do not dwell so much on just a given moment, but rather on the events taking place at a given moment that creeps past people entangled in the moment. The twin girls, the truck drivers, the lovers among other people in the prose poems are some of the people who Florian has used to reveal the preciousness of each moment in life(Oventile).

Florian manages to set forth a myriad of incidents that normally to overwhelm any given moment in time where in each moment, there is a discernible pattern of flow of events. From this pattern, it therefore becomes evident of the intricate interaction of events that exist in a moment. In order to comprehend the poems, it is vital to note that each of the proses begin with a meditation that begins with an introductory paragraph of the main characters. This is then followed by introduction of the moment in which the characters are entangled in.

The manner in which Florian introduces ‘The Moment’ has a huge significance and logic towards understanding of moment. It is quite discernible that most people do not take notice of the beginning as well as the winding up of a given moment. Taking the story of the two men sitting across a table from each other at downtown diner(Florian), a reader cannot help but to notice that when ‘The Moment’ enters, none of the...
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