Preliminary Studies of Religion Depth Course: Christianity

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Christianity is more than a belief in one God. It isn’t just something a person is baptised into to. Christianity is a source of hope for those who doubt, it is a guide for those who are lost and it provides answers for those who wonder.

Christianity is the belief in one true God and from there come various interpretations that religions such as Anglicanism, Christianity and Lutheranism have taken and formed a more specific faith.

In this preliminary year we will explore the beliefs, values, ethics, rituals and practices of Christianity. The course will open your mind to enlighten and enrich your knowledge on what is, the worlds most dominated religion.

We just have to look over history to see the impact that one man has made on a society. Today characteristics of Christianity stem from the major events of Christ’s life and various interpretations of his predecessors.

Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem in approximately 4 BCE. Up until age 30 we are unaware of the occurrences in Jesus’ life. Christians believe that God sent Jesus to preach God’s word and demonstrate the morals, values and ethics, through which Jesus lived. Christianity evolved around the first century AD, branching off from Judaism, Christianity shared the ethical teachings of Christ. Christians have faith in Jesus as the model of Christianity through the way he lived his life; preaching, healing and humbling the supreme presence of God. Jesus conveyed his unheard of message through parables to the outcasts of society; prostitutes, the disabled etc. were his followers. Faith came from the divine actions of healing, commanding the forces of nature and the forgiving of sins.

So what do Christians believe? There are several principle beliefs of Christianity that share a commonness that dominates the foundations of Christianity. First of all they believe in the divinity as well as the humanity of Jesus Christ. This...
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