Preliminary Reflection on Sociology

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Preliminary Reflection on Sociology

I have very little expectations so far for this course, but topics that I would like to learn about are deviance, social problems, marital and sexual, urban, theory, research methods, statistics etc. Many people that have taken this course always tell me how interesting and fun it is, so I hope this class will be able to interest me and not be a dreadful.

To be honest this is my first time taking a sociology course. This year would be my first year in college and in high school I didn’t take the sociology course offered. I really don’t have any understandings of sociology before this course, but after reading the first two chapters I have more of an understanding on this course.

Some things I have learned so far are Sociology focuses on social relationships and how those relationships, develop and change. The early thinkers Émile Durkheim, Max Weber, Karl Marx etc. have contributed to the development of a science of human behavior. Or how sociological imagination can be an empowering tool, it can allow you to see the world and people in a new way. I thought the “Top Reasons Why Men and Women Had Sex” table was hilarious but definitely true. It was interesting to see what reasons men are having sex for. One topic from the book that I already have some of experience with is The Scientific Method. I used this method in every science class I have taken in high school.

The objectives seem all so different from one another. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all about social things. I can’t really find a meaning for these objectives yet, but by the end of this course I know I will be able too. One objective I don’t understand very well would be the “Achieve an understanding of the societal roots of social processes and social problems and how societal and cultural processes affect individual behavior and thinking patterns” I think what really confuses me is that it’s really long...