Prejudices in Workplace

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Prejudices In Workplaces - Real or Perceived? Case Study Answers

What should she do?
Ans.: By means of the case study, Manjula Srivastav’s career twisted down as the company diversified towards new business concept and changes in the ownership, as well as the managing director. Whatever she perceived, unfair relationship with her subordinates or company dealers’ is not the matter of concern; but the matter is she should look after the chance given by the new managing director Prakash. As per my opinion, whatever Prakash did by positioning Harish Naik as domestic and export sales VP and created a new post as general manager (public affairs) is justified. This is because; Prakash needs a person who had strong and excellent marketing knowledge with public affairs, which can be executed by Srivastav. However, Srivastav is looking for vice president (home marketing) position. If she will take this position, then she has to report Mr. Harish, which is unreasonable whatsoever. Prakash has given the right opportunity as per Srivastav’s previous experience and job profile; but due to prejudiced character and unusual behavior with the company dealers and executives, Srivastav fear to accept the position. However, she can change her attitude and make a good relationship by accepting the recent position offered by Mr. Prakash.

Q1) Does the company have an orientation programme?
Q2) If yes how effective is it?
Q3) How is formal Orientation programme conducted?
Q4) If you were Navin what would have you done?

Navin AGM materials, is fuming and fretting. He bumped into Kiran, GM Materials, threw the resignation letter on his table, shouted and walked out of the room swiftly. Navin has reason for his sudden outburst. He has been driven to the wall. Perhaps details of the story will tell the reasons for Navin’s bile and why he put in his papers, barely four months after he took up his assignment.

The year was 2005 when Navin quit the prestigious Sail plant at Mumbai. As a manager material Navin enjoyed the power. He could even place an order for materials worth Rs 25 lakh. He needed nobody’s prior approval.

Navin joined a pulp making plant located at Pune as AGM Materials. The plant is owned by a prestigious business house in India. Obviously perks, designation and reputation of the conglomerate lured Navin away from the public sector.

When he joined the pulp making company, little did Navin realize that he needed prior approval to place an order for materials worth Rs 12 lakhs. He


Chapter 5: Perceiving Groups

(Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination)


Defining stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination

Sources of prejudice (including stereotyping)

Techniques that can reduce prejudice

Prejudice based on gender



Stereotypes involve generalizations about the "typical" characteristics of members of the groups. Jane is a female, so she probably has characteristics x, y, z, .......


attitude toward the members of some group based solely on their membership in that group (can be positive or negative)


actual positive or negative actions toward the objects of prejudice

Cognitive Sources of Prejudice: Stereotypes

Measuring stereotypes

Several ways of measuring stereotypes

For example:

(1) By measuring the straightforward attribution of characteristics to nominated groups

Baptists are....?

Men are...?
Blacks are...?
Mormons are...?
Whites are...?
Doctors are...?
Women are...?
Professors are...?

(2) By identifying the salient characteristics attributed to groups (relative to other groups).

What characteristics "stand out" the most about the group?

Football players?
Car salespeople?

"Attribution of Characteristics"

Percentage of Students Attributing Trait to Groups (Katz, Braly, others) |Americans are: |1932...
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