Prejudice That Asian Americans Are Facing

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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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All the words that can fill the ocean: prejudice that Asian Americans are facing

Nowadays there are a lot of Asians are trying to move to America. Asian American society is becoming one of the biggest societies in the world. People have started thinking that if they really should become an Asian American. Asian American is the group that have “yellow” skins who lives in the “white” society; Asian American is the group which may facing the problem that the life change from a communism country to a capitalism country; and Asian American is the group that lives in the country which their cultural and history are different than their traditional cultural and history. What it looks like or feels like to be an Asian with “yellow” skin lives in a capitalism country’s “White” society which has different cultural and history background than their motherland?

I am going to be applying the following books presented in class, “Yellow” by Don Lee, “Ocean of words” by Ha Jin and “Obasan” by Joy Kogawa. The characters in Don Lee’s book are Asians or Asian Americans. He has talked about what it look like to live in the white society for Asian Americans and the kinds of prejudice Asian American face every day. Ha Jin has written about his life experience when he was in the war between China and Russia. He talked about what China looks like being a communism country and what it feels to live in a communism country. This has related to Asian Americans who live in a capitalism country. It make them compare the different between live in a communism country and a capitalism country, the different ways they solve problems which in communism country you can do things through the “inside” and capitalism country cannot. In the book “Obasan” by Joy Kogawa is talking about the history when the Japanese attracted Hawaii and being a Japanese Canadian who got caught to go to the internment camps. Joy Kogawa has talked about “forgive” that America should forgive what they have done in the past and also Japanese should forgive what American have done for them to keep them in the internment camps.

Through the whole book, Don Lee has told details and pointed humor about stereotypes of Asians and Asian Americans. All of the main characters in Don Lee's short stories are Asian or Asian American. Don Lee has made up his characters face their life as Asians living in the "white society," and also struggle with the tensions between people of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese descent. I believe the purpose of Don Lee is that he wants to show Asian Americans can be just as individual and diverse, as sexy, artsy, feisty, athletic, articulate, neurotic, and screwed up as anyone else in America. He also wants to educate people about the kinds of prejudice Asian American face every day.

Asian Americans have different skin color than Americans. Don Lee wants to tell us that Asian American stereotypes should not be discriminated against because of their skin color. They are depositories by American stereotype, they born to live in “white” society. Asian Americans also like a depositor to all the people around the world. Don Lee is one of Asian Americans. Nowadays Asian American society is becoming one of the biggest societies in the world. Chinese American will be biggest part in Asian American families. In American literature, according to all the fiction stories which wrote by Asian Americans, I think the book “Yellow” by Don Lee is the book which tells the different between Asian and Asian Americans base on the stereotypes and cultures. Also, Asian Americans are facing the racial discrimination problems. There are a lot of Asian Americans in the school. Sometimes when Asians ask them if they are from China, Japan or Korea and of they can speak Chinese, Japanese or Korean, most of Asian Americans will say that they are born here and they only speak English. English is the symbol of Asian Americans. Asians speak...
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