Prejudice Examples

Topics: Female, Male, Boy Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: May 26, 2013

1.The impression most people think of lower class colored men, that they steal and are going to cause trouble wherever they go. 2. An older woman sits and waits for her monthly hair cut when her name is called into the first chair. She sits comfortably in the chair awaiting a stylist when a young man walks up behind her and asks what she wishes to do with her hair today. Having never had her hair done by a male stylisth she requests a female instead, because she believes a female with similar hair would know better how to handle hers. 3. Because of the woman's past trial finding her guilty for underaged prostitution, the jury gave her a predetermined judgement without considering all of the facts but instead finding her violator not guilty believing they knew what kind of woman she was. 4. A couple asks to be seated, or should it be said re-seated at a family resturant because they find themselves uncomfortable sitting near a table with a mexican family because of the drama that surrounds them, and the noise they bring. 5. A man walks into a mechanics shop and says he needs his car fixed, a woman emerges from under the car, he makes an excuse to get out of the shop and takes it to another shop seeking a male mechanic because he believes a woman mechanic would be less qualified for the job. 6. A man with multiple tattoos works for the local cable company, the tattooed man arrives to provide them with great cable and they refuse to let him do the job so sure that he will be checking out their home and find something to steal when they arnt home. 7. Some are prejudice against people who dont attend church, assumption is that people cannot be good without God, therefore, if a person doesn't go to church, they are seen evil or less good than those who do. Some people dont take into account the many different religions and "Gods" people worship. If it's not theirs its not good. 8. After 9-11, A middle eastern man and all of the scrutinizing througout the...
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