Prejudice, Discrimination, and Minority Presence in Today's News

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  • Published : February 27, 2006
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As I started this project I thought that the topic was going to be relatively easy to track. But, as I went further and further along into the weeks I realized just how one sided the news or media is. Also it was very interesting to watch the daily events unfold, with the war still raging on, to the bombing in London. I also watched and polled our local news as well and found it to be in the same manner as the mass media. However I would not call it opposition but rather a lack of substance in our own communities as to the number of white versus the minorities in the news. But as you will see from my summation that it is indeed one sided whether planned or just that way.

I started with my 1st week on the fourth day into the week. I watched the updates on the Iraq war and all the numbers of people that die every day with the war. However I will not use opinions in this paper about the different themes until the end with my conclusion of the project as a whole. I remember the story of the "White" wife being kept alive for the sake of the fetus, As she was brain dead. The station I was watching was ABC. The next paper was the same night four of the first week, it was on NBC Nightly News. It covered the coincidental story of the Mississippi burning victims and the criminals responsible for their murders. Next was the CBS Evening News with mostly the same coverage as the other channels except it seemed to me that CBS covered more of the minority stories than any one else. All in all with the many stories in the news this summer with the girl in Aruba to the Race Based Medicines this was all of week one with four shows in this week it was a 98% white person count in the news.

The next week was week 2 for me on day 2 and day 7 of this week. It was more on the dead civil rights workers from the 1960's to which the suspect James Kellen was convicted. In addition to this president bush meet with the leader of Vietnam over the nuclear decisions. Also more on the war in...
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