Prejudice and Homosexuality

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  • Published : March 10, 2011
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Prejudice and Homosexuality
For many years homosexuality has been frowned upon in America. Gays and lesbians are denied many rights in the land of the free. If they want to be in the military they aren’t suppose to disclose their sexual orientation, so they can’t make this the home of the brave either. Homosexuality is when someone is attracted to their same gender, sexually and/or emotionally. In the article Prejudice and homosexuality By Richard D Mohr, there are statistics about homosexuality that are a little out of date. There is a statistic from 1948 and 1993. The gay civil rights movement changes rapidly. We are year after year becoming less prejudice. I do agree with the author though, that Gay-Hate is unethical but something very real that America deals with. There still is a lot of Americans who are against homosexuality and feel it is immoral, unnatural, and unacceptable. People should not be treated differently because of their choice of sexual interest. This is ethically wrong and devalues people. We are going to explore homosexuality in three different ethical reasoning’s Utilitarian, Kantian, and Natural.

Utilitarian reasoning has to do with making the most people happy. You would look at homosexuality most likely on a situational basis. Utilitarian’s would find homosexuality acceptable and morally correct based on the biggest amount of pleasure for the biggest number of people. For example in a Muslim community within a Muslim family and culture, being openly gay could cause lots of harassment and even death in countries like Saudi. In this culture lives Amir, Amir Feels like he is attracted to men. If he is seen holding a man’s hand he can be put to death. This would make it unethical to be gay because it would cause more pain and strife to that person and the community than pleasure and happiness.

Kantian reasoning would have us reason based on what would seem acceptable from every ones point of view. Especially the person I was...
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