Prehistory of Bangladesh

Topics: Bengal, Bangladesh, History of Bangladesh Pages: 3 (427 words) Published: April 18, 2013
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
GED 100: Bangladesh Studies
Afsana Anjum
Room: 602
The course is concerned with the political, cultural, social and economic history of Bengal that dates back to 320 B.C. with the line drawing towards the present. Daily lifestyle, society, religion, culture, wealth of Bengal in other words how this nation gradually evolved into today’s Bangladesh is the main structure of this subject. With that, land formation, agriculture system, industry, trade and commerce, religious activities, language and literature, sculpture, art architecture- in one word all sort of activities of the people of Bengal that evolved from thousand years ago is the theme of this subject. We are trying here to find the root and trail to our present standing point in world civilization.

Grading: 100 Points

Unit 1: Environmental Background: weather and climate, land formation, river system, flora and fauna, mineral resources, demography, culture and religion

Unit 2: Prehistory of Bangladesh

Unit 3: Early historic Era (500 BC- 320 AD): Mshasthangarh and Wari-Bateshswar

Unit 4: Late Historic Era-1 (320 - 550 AD): Gupta Era

Unit 5: Late Historic Era-2 (525 - 750 AD): Sasanka, Gopachandra, Dharmaditya, Samachardeva, Khadga, Rata, Deva

Unit 6:Early Medieval Era (750 – 1230 AD): Pala, Chandra, Sena, Varman

Unit 7:Medieval Period (1204 - 1650): Sulatanate and Mughal

Unit 8:Coming of Europeans and East India Company

Unit 9:Liberation Movements: Beginning of Communalism, Birth of East Pakistan (1947), Language Movement (1948 - 52), Juktafront Electiuons (1954) , Six Point movement (1966), Mass movement of 1969 and Election in 1970, Liberation War (1971)

Unit10: Political history of Bangladesh from Independence

Unit 11: Bangladesh: achievements and challenges

Unit 12: Review: what we've learned.



Banglapedia, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
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