Topics: Teenage pregnancy, High school, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1590 words) Published: March 10, 2013
For my outline I chose to write about pregnancy testing of students by schools. In my paper I compare and contrast why or why not schools should be allowed to hold pregnancy testing. I have read and analyzed, along with seeking the opinions of individuals and myself. Do you believe this is acceptable for our students, with or without parental acknowledgement? Does having pregnancy testing in our schools send the right message to our future, which are our children that are attending these schools? With my research I will give you these answers, and determine whether this should be allowed for the students of today and tomorrow. I found on CNN that a lot of people are getting kicked out of school for being pregnant and this is really happening in Louisiana at Delhi Charter School. They are dealing with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. They are not welcoming any students that are pregnant and if you are pregnant you can’t stay at the school. If students are pregnant, they are no longer allowed to attend classes on the school’s campus and will be forced to either switch to another school or they have to begin home school. If a student refuses to take the test, she is treated as a pregnant student, and she is also kicked out of Delhi Charter School. This state’s it in the student handbook .While I was reading information about my essay I had over came that Delhi Charter School policy for pregnant teenagers has a violation of federal law U.S Constitution. It states that the ACLU of Louisiana and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project sent a letter to the school asking to suspend the policy. The charter school’s policy toward pregnant students is furthering a serious education gap between teen mothers, and the young women who do not have unplanned pregnancies. Thirteen percent of all teen girls who drop out of high school cite pregnancy as a main reason. And seventy percent of teenage girls who give birth end up leaving school. But if the Charter School had its...
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