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Should High-school graduates shouldn’t take a year off before entering college As you prepare for graduating high school, you previously determine whether you should enroll into college, or take a year off. In many opinions, there are many negative affects if you decide to take a year off of school, instead of attending after graduating high school. The traditional concept is to enroll into college after getting out of high school, for many reason’s it will be beneficial to succeeding in furthering your academic pursuits, rather than loosing time taking a year off instead of going into college. High school graduates that attend college the year after high school tends to have a well knowledgeable mind, and retain more from what they were taught in high school to engage into their college courses. Also, they are use too of the routine of attending school every day, schedules might change but from homework to projects it is easily managed. Many students enrolling in college have the ability to pay tuition, and can receive financial aid, if eligible. College applications are provided information of your personal and educational records. Having a solid application will lead you to the right path, enrolling into college with the help and knowledge from high school is a great resource, rather than depending on yourself to create a phenomenal college application, you’re not lazy to apply yourself to this task, because you’re pushed to do so. Not attending college, and not applying yourself to your applications, may damage your future in getting into the college you desire. The year off will lead you to not focusing on what you want to do, and take you off the task of deciding to attend college or stay out. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college After two years of stressing your butt off for the VCE exams, what you need is to relax. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college so they can decide on the future they want, travel to new places to bring back more knowledge and to find a part time job if they haven't already to increase experience and help pay for college fees.

It's over. It's finally over. All the that crying, stress and hardcore studying is finally over. But what are you to do now if you haven't picked a career you are interested in? How can you go to college without your mind set on a clear future career path? Yes, you should take a year off before entering college to give you time to experience more life as an adult so that you will be able to decide on a future you are content with. Nowadays people are jumping into college straight after graduating from high school and most of whom are not content with the course they are studying. To prevent this, high school graduates should take a year off before entering college.

Once you're out of college, you're busy with a new life, a new career and will be wondering when you'll be able to have the time to go on that dream trip to Hawaii. Well it's not going to happen because you don't have something called 'holidays' any more. You'll regret not being able to take the chance to travel to new places, experience a different culture and environment when you were younger. That time should have been used when you had just bloomed into adulthood. That year before college. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college so they can travel. In the future, they will come across financial problems and time management issues that will stand in the way of them.

High School Graduation Ceremony: From Adolescence to Young Adulthood

In societies, when an individual shift from one social category to another, a ritual is used to distinguish this change. It is commonly known as a rite of passage, and its main purpose is to assuage the unease and risks associated in the alteration of categories.

An excellent example of a rite of passage is a High School Graduation Ceremony – it is one that most people who...
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