Preferred Branded Laptop Among Users

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Preferred laptop Brand
Different people

Business CommunicationBUS 231Report onPreferred Laptop Brands by Different People| Submitted to,Kamrul HassanAssistant Professor & Course InstructorDepartment of Business Administration East West University| Submitted by, Name| ID|

Md. Nazmul Hossain| 2008-3-10-185|
Md. Mamun| 2009-2-10-075|
Md. Wahed Alam| 2009-2-10-063|
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Section: 1|

Date of Submission: 30th November, 2011

East West University

Letter of Transmittal

December 15, 2011

Md.Kamrul Hassan
Assistant Professor & Course Instructor
Department of Business Administration
East West University
Dhaka- 1213


Dear Sir,

We herewith present our “Term Report” authorized by you as a partial requirement for this course.

In this report, we studied the labor management relations primarily in the laptop user of Bangladesh and the extent of implementation. We have further tried to provide an in-depth analysis of how employers and employees in this sector comply with business communication practice and various user and their difference is perspective regarding laptop management effectiveness.

If there is any need of any form of clarification, we would appreciate a call from you to any of our group members.

Your students

Md. Nazmul Hossain


We express our deep gratitude to the almighty Allah who gives our chance to complete assignment. We also have to put our heartfelt respect and gratitude for the kindness and Cooperation that was provided to us to complete our assignment on the topic of “Preferred laptop Brand among different people” In preparing our assignment we have taken great assistance and support from some persons.

Finally, since thanks again to our dissertation supervisor, Kamrul Hassan, Assistant Professor & Course Instructor of Department of Business Administration of East west university for his appropriate suggestions, moral support and invaluable co-operation from time to time in completing the assignment.

Executive Summary

This report is basically done for to study the different criteria or factors that are affecting different class people to choose a laptop brand. And what are the preferred brand people. To conduct the research we use a structured questionnaire and go for personal interview. After getting the data we analyze it, find the most preferred brand show them in statistics and graphically represent the factors for choosing a laptop, usage of the laptop.

Our statistics shows that HP and is the most preferred branded laptop among our 40 survey respondent. HP get the 37.5% of market share among 5 brands. Due to its nice look and great performance it grabs this position. Hp Laptops are in most variety. Among them there are two major categories one for normal home user and other one is for business people. Their laptop price range are between $140-$950. Most of the respondent’s personal feedback is – “If you want great price, great performance go for HP.

The second position held by Dell. Which is also one of the most leading laptop brand in the world. It hold around 32.5% market share among the respondents. There are two basic categories in dell laptops. Those are Dell INSPIRON & DELL ALIENWARE. Among them Inspiron is with some basic configuration and Alienware is with high configuration. Price range is between $400-$1400.

Acer is another choice by the respondents. ACER is a Taiwan based company with 7.5% market share among our respondents. It comes up with variety of model with cheap price range. It is now the most available laptop brand in Bangladesh. But it loose its market share because of durability and its service, which automatically fall its brand image.


Marketing research

Marketing is the function which links the consumer, customer and...
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