Preferential Option for the Poor

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Suffering Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: July 27, 2011
An option for the poor does not mean that God loves poor people more than rich people. But it does mean that we may have to work harder to love others as Jesus has loved Archbishop Oscar Romero A modest and good man, he was mostly inclined toward books and theological study.( recognized the tragedy and devastation of the poverty of his native El Salvador) he identified the true causes--the political and economic causes-- what it means to be Catholic, what it means to be neighbor, and what it means to be human. and what it means to be human Last March, parts of the state of Kentucky where I live received the heaviest rainfall ever recorded for that area in a 24-hour period.flood destroying many towns and cities. But as staggering as the devastation and loss were, as remarkable were the stories of self-sacrifice and courage of neighbors who saved one another from harm's way. some lost their lives as they tried to save others.......Three elderly women tell the story of their rescue by a high-school boy, A week later, his body was discovered downstream We are, we believe, made in the image of God. But what does that mean? We are made in the image of a God who, in the person of Jesus, In other words, we are made with a predisposition to care about one another's lives In 1979, the Latin American bishops to address....."From the heart of Latin America, a cry rises to the heavens ever louder and more imperative. It is the cry of a people who suffer." The most popular and powerful effect of the document "The Preferential Option for the Poor," "Communities of Salt and Light," (referred from "The Preferential Option for the Poor”Even Pope John Paul II has adopted his own version of the phrase when he talks about (Latin American bishops in 1968)"[We] cannot remain indifferent in the face of the tremendous social injustice existent in Latin America, which keeps the majority of our people in dismal poverty, which in many cases becomesinhuman wretchedness." "Dismal poverty" and...
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