Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, Scarborough, Tobago, Caribbean Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: March 27, 2013
“The Negative Effects of over hunting wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago.” Good day ladies and gentlemen,
“The negative effects of over hunting wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago”. The purpose of selecting this topic is to make aware the negative effects of hunting wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago. There were no challenges in gathering ample information in doing this said topic. Wildlife is defined as animals, plants including flora and fauna and other organisms living in a natural undomesticated state. In Trinidad and Tobago we are quite blessed with a wide range of rare wildlife in particular animals. Not only are they rare to the Caribbean region but to the world and hence attracts tourist worldwide. Tourists come to marvel in the great variety of animals which can be viewed at almost every end of our island from the Emperor Valley Zoo at Port-Of-Spain to the Wildfowl Trust in Pointe a Pierre and the Coral Reef in Scarborough.

The Tourism Industry in Trinidad and Tobago is quite grateful for such species as it serves as a massive source of bringing in hefty amounts of foreign revenue per annum. Despite their remarkable worth to our island both socio and economic, wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago is being ill treated and slaughtered as recreation. Many would disagree that hunting is a savage leisure activity and argue the point that it in fact decreases over population of wildlife species in our country. The truth is hunting is a gruesome solution to such a problem. Recent studies have exposed that over hunting (the current situation to which hunting has escalated) actually increases overpopulation according to a prominent writer Gina Ramlogan of the National Forestry Division in Trinidad and Tobago. In the article entitled “Hunting does not decrease Overpopulation” she spoke about a group of deer to which she was observing for a particular time frame which was being hunted and its eventual increase in young. Most hunters regard the hunting season...
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