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Why everyone should gain a higher education
There are several benefits of gaining a higher education. The benefits of a higher education provide its participants positive and negative effectives in life in which we live. It gives everyone a chance to immerse oneself in a subject of interest and boost career prospects and earnings potential. Gaining a higher education is about taking education to the next level of life experiences. Higher education is no longer a tradition but has become a way of life necessity. Gaining a higher education has an effect on countless areas of an individual’s life. One of the simplest things in life that humanity takes for granted is “learning”. The more we learn, the better we achieve. As a society, we have a choice to increase our level of knowledge and power. According to the College Board, people who gain higher education have less need of public assistance such as: cash monies, Medicaid and, food stamps (Ma). There is more to gain with a higher education than there is lose without one. Having a higher education corresponds to lower unemployment and the poverty rate among our surrounding community. Parents with higher education raise their kids to develop the mentality to want the same. Today, nearly every job that ensures some economic security requires a higher education. Individuals with high income have some degree of higher education. The benefits are from higher tax revenues and increased productivity in the work force and are less likely to engage in socially wasteful criminal activity, “need I say more”. When we find what we enjoy doing in life, we find a passionate career path by choice. When we choose the path we want to take, we choose the path to success. A higher education is a way to earn employment skills, a chance to advance up the ladder. In North Carolina 66.7% adults age 25 or older do not have a college degree. 41.3% have completed no more than a high school diploma and 19.6% have completed some college, but...
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