Predictive Policing

Topics: Police, Crime, Prediction Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Predictive Policing

Information Systems Decision Making CIS500

October 21, 2013
To efficiently compare and contrast the application of information technology (IT) to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime versus random patrols of the streets, we first have to look at exactly what information technology is available to police today. One popular technology that is used by police departments is COMPSTAT abbreviated for computer statistics. Compstat is a "strategic control system" designed for the collection and feedback of information on crime and related quality of life issues. The COMPSTAT process can be summarized in one simple statement: "Collect, analyze, and map crime data and other essential police performance measures on a regular basis, and hold police managers accountable for their performance as measured by these data (DeLorenzi, Shane & Amendola, 2006). This IT is placed into a computer system and allows officers to pretty much predict the crime before it happens. This is done by inputting both previous and current crime into the system which makes the predictions. Before the COMPSTST or COMPSTAT like technologies, officers would do routine patrols in potential areas, where they thought crime would likely take place based on previous cases. With this new system crimes have been reduced and more arrest have been made. COMPSTAT as an information system implements the four basic IS functions. Namely are input, processing, output, and feedback. Information is placed into computer systems using geographic information systems to map the locations of where crimes occur, indentify “hotspots”, and map problem areas. Also historical data is used to predict future crimes for police departments, known as predictive policing. The processing process takes place once the data has been inputted and the system begins to make predictions. The output is in action once the data has been processed. Officers follow up on the predictions...
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