Predictive Policing

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Predictive Policing
Information Technology deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to store, retrieve and transmit information. New IT capabilities (e.g., e-commerce and social networks) strongly influence competitive strategies and the efficiency of operations. New IT developments are important to all business disciplines because they trigger changes in marketing, operations, e-commerce, logistics, human resources, finance, accounting, and relationships with customers and business partners. Nothing about business or corporate strategy is untouched by IT.

Information technology is used in a wide variety of business organizations like Wal-Mart, Galeries Lafayette. The IT has also been applied to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime. The following points illustrate the use of IT to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime. • It stores the data of the previous crimes in a single location for easy access. Whereas with street patrolling accessing of data regarding previous crimes takes some extra efforts as the data is not in a single location. • We can apply certain logics and calculations on the collected data to come up with some predictions. With street patrolling, based on the previous data and experience we come up with some predictions • The output of such a prediction is a report that gives the location and time of where the crime will occur. With street patrolling no such reports are available and the prediction is made on the data available and experience.

• As new crimes occur, they are updated so as to produce an accurate report for the future crimes. With street patrolling no such reports guide for future analysis. • They use Geographical Information System (GIS) to map the location of where the crime occurs. This feature is not available with the street patrolling. • Using the GIS and the prediction of where the crime might occur, reacting to the crime is faster. With street patrolling this might not be fast as they might not be close to the location where the crime has occurred. COMPSTAT as an information system (IS)

COMPSTAT stands for COMPuter STATistics. COMPSTAT is a police administration and management model. The COMPSTAT crime control model is the brainchild of William Bratton who during tenures in executive positions in New York and Boston developed a synthesis of police strategies and managerial concepts aimed toward crime reduction. A rapid result in crime reduction is a focal point in the COMPSTAT system. COMPSTAT uses four basic functions that an information system basically uses. The four basic functions are as follows: Input: Data and information about business transactions are captured or collected by point-of-sale (POS) scanners and Web sites and received by other input devices. COMPSTAT uses the previous crime data as input. Example, For the Santa Cruz trial, eight years of crime data were fed into the computer program, which breaks Santa Cruz into squares of approximately 500 feet by 500 feet. New data is added each day. Processing: Data is transformed, converted, and analyzed for storage or transfer to an output device. .By leveraging the back end databases of modern report management systems (RMS) or

management information systems (MIS), a crime analyst can directly connect a geographical information system (GIS) which is subsequently used to visually represent areas being affected by crime trends. Proper analysis can also begin to explore solutions as additional data types are aggregated such as the locations of abandoned buildings or schools in relation to crime hot spots. With full cooperation between police sub groups and other public agencies, comprehensive strategies can be implemented to form a specific crime pattern. Output: Data, information, reports, and so on are distributed to digital screens or hardcopy (paper), sent as audio, or transferred to other information systems via communication...
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