Predicting the Distance a Trebuchet

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Predicting The Distance a Trebuchet.

This lab had the following goals:
* To determine the distance and height of a trebuchet shot. * To determine the velocity of the trebuchet shot.
* To determine the angle of trajectory of the trebuchet.
* To use these calculations to make a hypothesis for the distance of the trebuchet shot with a 7 meter drop in the line of fire. * To verify our calculations for distance of shot.

Lab Equipment
Trebuchets with a 500 LB counter weight
Two, one Gallon Water Bottle.
Three Stop watch
Meter Trundle wheel

1. Step one position trebuchet on road. For a clear shot. 2. Crank and cock trebuchet for firing.
3. Set water bottle in sling bottom to sling. Keeping sling straps snug and ready for firing. 4. Checking with safety spotters and time keeps that road is clear for fire. 5. Fire trebuchet.

6. When bottle leaves sling start stop watches, stop timing when bottle explodes on pavement. 7. Measure distance with measuring wheel.
8. Calculate height, velocity, and angle of trajectory of shot. 9. Calculate the time for a second shot with a 7 meter drop 10. Hypothesize the distance of second shot with landing position 7 meters lower then firing position 11. Prove hypothesis by making second shot and measuring distance. 12. Find percentage of error between prediction and actual distance

Position SX was measured out at 55M
The 3 stop watch times were added up and divided by 3 to give us our Ttotal. ( T1 + T2 + t3 ) / 3 = Ttotal
( 3.06 + 3.03 + 2.94 ) / 3 = Ttotal
9.03 / 3 = Ttotal
3.01 sec =Ttotal
We then used the formula Vx = Sx /Ttotal to come up with the Vx measurement. 55 / 3.01 = Vx
18.272 = Vx
Next we had to find Vi for event one or ViE1 using the formulas T2 = ½ Tt T2 = .5 x 3.01
T2 = 1.505 sec
We then used the formula Vf = aT2 + ViE1
Vf = (9.8 x 1.505)+0
Vf = 14.749
Were we knew that the absolute VfE2 equaled the...
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