Predicate and Following Sentences

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Identify the primary and secondary sentence elements in the given exercises, as well. Identifying Indirect Objects. Underline the indirect object in each of the following sentences. Label direct objects with the initials d.o. (Note: all sentences are the same -"to whom?") d.o.

Example: Bill lent Howard his jacket.
1. Lisa told the children a story about an elephant.
2. Give me one good reason for doing that job!
3. Pat gave Dick a record for his birthday.
4. We mailed Barbara a Christmas package.
5. Please tell me your new address.
6. The principal gave Tim a lecture.
7. I'll tell you the truth.
8. Mrs. Barnes gave Chris a reward for finding her briefcase. 9. Please show me the best way to upholster a chair.
10. Norman handed the bellboy a tip.
11. The University Club awarded Joy a scholarship to study marine biology. 12. I wish you great success.
13. Mr. Brent showed Sam his garden.
14. Mrs. Todd promised me a reward for finding her dog.
15. Dr. Jordan gave his church a large contribution.
16. I'll read the twins a story before their bedtime.
17. Grandfather told me a story about his boyhood.
18. I shall give the Salvation Army my used clothing.
19. The company president gave Mom a watch at her retirement party. 20. Mr. Osborn showed his class some photographs taken on his trip .A. Circle only the direct objects in the following sentences. 1. Jerry was so happy because of his promotion. He hugged everyone in the room. 2. I passed the test. I studied the text for three hours three nights in a row. I also reviewed my notes. 3. Janet loves all sorts of music. She attends concerts whenever she can. 4. In my house, I feed the dog. However, my wife feeds the cat and waters the plants. 5. His favorite singers are Frank Sinatra and Koko Taylor. I like Mick Jagger and Bette Middler. B. Circle only the indirect objects in the following sentences. 1. He gave me excellent directions to the stadium.

2. We waited for him...
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