Precis Writing

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Precis Writing
The English Composition paper of CE-2012 has really dented the confidence of the aspirants to a huge extent. Most of the aspirants who scored quite heavily in other papers were merely able to score less than 20 and even 10 in the English Precis And Composition paper.I was fortunate as well as tactical enough to accumulate 64 marks in the paper this paper. As per promised, I'm going to share my strategy for approaching each and every question one by one.Precis writing has been the most difficult and decisive question regarding the E.P.C. paper. This very question sets the tone for the rest of the paper and serves as a very good means for portraying what metal an aspirant is made up of.I have been lucky enough to have been taught by a school-teacher, Sir Kashif Rehman. Although he is a school teacher yet very tactical in his approach. I adopted his strategy while approaching the E.P.C. paper. Hence, I am going to share the way he taught me how to attempt the precis. I am going to give a comprehensive method of approaching this very question step-by-step.

Read very carefully, not once but twice.
After first reading, try to establish as much understanding of the text as possible. Highlight or underline the main ideas, arguments, or themes presented by the author. Second reading will help you understand the paragraphing of the given text and work out how much value or proportion has been given to each of the main arguments, themes or ideas. STEP 2: POINTS FOR THE PRECIS

Write down the main arguments, themes, or ideas in the form of points in complete sentences using your own words. The sequence of ideas or points should be the same as was given in the original passage Try not to include any excessive detail, explanation, description or verbosity. Examples had better be avoided if they are not critical to the composition of the passage Don't be worried about the number of words at...
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