Precipitation and Soil Mingles

Topics: Precipitation, Water, Weather Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: November 15, 2010
It’s the last day of summer, beginning of monsoon.
The flash of lightning illuminates the dark skies;
the sound of thunder fills the heart with fear.
The first rain of the year, sky as beautiful as ever,
Little drops of water falling from the branches of the trees; It’s a wonderful feeling of warmth of the earth,
The aroma of the soil mingles with the wetness of the air.
It makes me feel like best day of the year.
The mind is liberated in a sense of joy and delight.
Children’s happy laughters rise above the noise
of the spattering rains. Their little paper boats start to float down the street as they shower and dance in the sprinkling rain.
Motor vehicles splatter them as they speed along the potholed roads. Scattering insects, wailing frogs, and flittering butterflies want to cheer the rains. The magnificent peacock with his gorgeous feathers wide open, Always cheers my mind when I see him in the trees.

Men have crowded into the flooded field to catch the fishes, As they try to escape from the overflowing ponds.
The country is swathed liberally by the color of green.
And the paddy fields lie filled with muddy water.
Farmers run to their little paddy fields with their bulls and plows, they enjoy the cool relief from the heat and sun,
their hopes lighten up with the thought of good crops,
the rain cannot dampen their spirit of giving up,
this is the nature's blessing for their livelihood.
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